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Our philosophy

Souira Déco is very careful with the various partnerships established with the Moroccan craftsmen. Fair trade is and will be the main way, Souira deco works.


Wooden Products
The thuja wood is precious, with a distinctive odor that recalls the sun of Morocco. It grows mostly in Essaouira's area. The wood is protected.
The craftsmen use this wood to make various objects such as boxes, board games, home accessories, mirrors ...
The thuja is often associated with the lemon tree because its yellow color highlights the natural wood of thuja. The craftsmen use the trunk of the tree, but also the root which is naturally speckled.

Leather Products

  • Babouches
The oriental  slippers had no trouble crossing borders thanks to  its lightness, comfort and diversity in color and design. Babouches are made with real leather and are all handmade to ensure strength and flexibility. You will find slippers for indoors and outdoors

• Wallets
Handcrafted with real leather, these wallets are great for your outings, travel, and make your life colorful! 

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