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Tél. 06 30 34 42 70
Adresse postale.
168, Chemin des Agneaux - La Houppelière - 76440 Fontaine-en-Bray
SIRET : 521 549 154
TVA : FR32521549154


Under the Moroccan's sun, in the heart of Essaouira's medina was born a romance between an expatriate and a native.

From there a common desire around sharing their cultures is born.
Sylvaine, sales representative in design is an endless source of inspiration for Marouan, craftsman in cabinetmaking.
  Souira deco is the fruit of that creative energy.


Souira deco offers a wide range of original objects and design furniture. The Westen modernism with an Oriental touch!!!
Enjoy your visit !

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